OET Poker Ride - May 15, 2016

DEXTER — Dodie Kauffman of Junction City didn’t grow up riding horses as a girl. In fact, Kauffman hadn’t even met a horse until she was 40 years old, after her daughter Jessie started taking riding lessons.

During one lesson, Jessie told her mom that instead of sitting in the car or on the sidelines while waiting for the lesson to end, she could sit on one of the horses.

“I had never been on a horse before,” Kauffman recalled, laughing.

But Kauffman has been riding ever since, and on Sunday she organized the Oregon Equestrian Trails Poker Ride, where dozens of local riders and their animals came out to Elijah Bristow State Park — in wet weather, no less — to play an equine version of the traditional card game.

The Eugene chapter of Oregon Equestrian Trails hosted the poker ride to raise money to maintain equestrian trails at both Elijah Bristow State Park and at Mount Pisgah.

Kauffman, who is the chapter’s recording secretary, said the poker rides have been going on for more than 20 years.

To play, riders sign a waiver and then pay $5 for a “hand,” or five playing cards they receive at different points along the equestrian trail. Players record the cards they receive on a small scorecard as they ride their horses along the trail. Then, they turn in the cards once they’ve returned to the park’s parking lot.

After all the riders have collected their “hands,” volunteers rank them from highest to lowest based on the rules of poker. Those with the best hands then get first pick from about 100 prizes donated by various businesses, ranging from gift cards and kids’ toys to horse feed and bridles.

The proceeds fund projects such as retreading bridges and spreading gravel on trails, Kauffman said.

But aside from paying for trail improvements, Oregon Equestrian Trails is also “a great place to find people” to bond and ride with, she said.

Jenny Hill, the group’s vice president of marketing, said she’s been riding for more than a decade. Hill and her husband Travis, of Creswell, own three mules and two donkeys.

“I just love them to pieces,” she said.

Hill even has a phone case emblazoned with a photo of one of her mules.

“I’m like a mother with children,” Hill said. “Except my children are donkeys and mules.”

Though Hill claims she has terrible luck at poker rides — “I tend to get a pair of twos” — she said she loves the open and friendly atmosphere.

“There’s always somebody to ride with,” she said.

Susannah Doyle, of Newport, said Sunday’s was her first Oregon Equestrian Trails poker ride, though she has participated in other poker rides, including one for motorcyclists.

Doyle first started riding horses at age 16 after her parents let her choose between getting a horse or traveling to England.

Since then, she has become involved with the local equestrian community, joining Oregon Equestrian Trails’ Mid-Valley chapter.

“I love (horse lovers’) willingness to help people,” she said. “If you call someone, they’ll come.”

The Northwest Peruvian Horse Show for 2014

On Saturday, Don and I drove up to McMinnville to see the Northwest Peruvian National Show. It has been 18 years or so since they have had a show in McMinnville, OR.

The show was well attended and everyone was happy to be back. Vicki of Ryse Family Peruvians flew up from New Mexico and rode in the show and according to Irene;

Ranches that were there, included Paradise Ranch from B.C., Rancho Campobello from near Spokane, WA, Clear Creek Ranch from Carson City, NV, Wild Horse Ranch from Pendleton area, Double JJ Ranch from Bend, Steve and Leanne (sp?) and Georgiana (sp?) Ireland, Dennis and Cathy Brown from Snag Island Ranch, Nancy and Glen Cox, Anne and Larry Eades, Four Mtn Ranch, Jaime Aguirre of Curry Ranch and more!
We had 49 horses from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Canada.

We had Memorial presentations for Dr. Henry Curry and for Joe MacRae of Canada.

Watch a short video of the show

Northwest Horse Fair & Expo

March 20-23, 2014


Here's the Video from Nancy


Here's the photos taken by Irene


Justine Easlon on Gaylena, Annie Barraza on Cora, Glen Cox on Chromatica, Anne Eades on Pacha, Naomi Koens on Escarlata, Ricardo Barraza on Apros, Jenee Demers on Jazz, Nancy Cox on Juanita Rose



A recent ride at Elijah Bristow

Nov 2013

Peruvians at the Pendleton Parade -  2013

Peruvians at the All Gaited Show
Albany, OR Linn County 2013

June 15 & 16th, 2013

Saturday, I met Paula at the show. The weather was great. In the 70's.

It was great seeing the troops.

We had 8 Peruvians and riders,
David and Maxine had their Granddaughter Naomi. A‪nnie and Ricardo and Nancy and Glen and Anne.

We thank Rich Ovenburg, President of the NorthWest Peruvian Horse Club, as he judged for the group. They all thought he judged well.

Then we saw, Justine on her Palomino Walker and Jennifer of Shoot the Moon Rocky Mountains on her white Rocky Mountain.


Here's a slide show of the show. https://vimeo.com/68496856


We wish to congratulate Annie and Cora for winning the Best of Show (against all Breeds) in Albany this

Doris Loeffler
May We Always Have,



May 10-12, 2013 Peruvian Clinic at the Cox's Ranch

Clinician: Lyn Omohundro of Rafter Z Peruvians


The invitation went out to the Northwest Peruvian Horse Club from Nancy and Glen Cox.

With Irene and Paula having new Peruvians and me wanting more training, this looked like a perfect opportunity.

I drove up to Salem to pick up Irene and Paula and their two horses. The drive to Powell Butte was very good. Nancy and Glen had everything ready for weary travelers. We parked next to their large travel trailer and next to our temporary horse stalls. Just perfect for us to be able to watch our horses and saddle them up. Our guest quarters had a kitchen, shower, toilet and enough beds for us gals.


Lyn Omohundro was already at Nancy and Glens. We introduced ourselves to Lyn and told him what each of us wanted out of the clinic.

Some folks had already arrived and the rest continued arriving during the night and the next morning. We had hot dogs and hamburgers, plenty of salads and desserts that night.


The next morning, the lessons began. At one point we had 14 horses in the arena at one time. They all acted perfect. Annie and Ricardo came to the clinic to do a clinic for the juniors and also did a demonstration on how to groom your horses for a show. What type of shampoos are best and how to get the tangles out of the manes and tails.

Our breakfast started every morning at 7am with hot casseroles, cereal, bagels, yogurts, etc. Dinners were Whiskey Chicken, baked potatoes and salads, Saturday Beef Scotch Tenders Braised in red Wine, and rice with different salads and Sunday we had Shanghai Honey Glazed Chicken with oriental veggies, more salads and each day fabulous desserts.

We had small groups of riders that also went on rides on BLM property.

It was wonderful seeing so many NPHC members.


It turned out to be a fabulous weekend with the perfect hosts, Nancy and Glen and our wonderful clinicians, Lyn, Annie and Ricardo.


We thank you for this time well spent.


Here's a link to the slide show of the clinic event: The Lynn Clinic

Doris Loeffler

May We Always Have,



Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club

Proudly Presents 2013 Ranch Tour

April 26-28th 2013

One day, while sitting at the computer, I received a newsletter from Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club talking about all the fabulous activities this club has done this year and all the activities they have scheduled for the future. What really caught my eye was the Ranch tours. I had heard of their ranch tours in the past and never been able to go. This time, I decided to go for it.


I called a girlfriend (she has Quarter Horses) in CA to ask if she would like to join me in a new adventure. She thought this sounded like a fabulous idea. Sooo, I contacted Debbie Pye to let her know we planned on going.

I hadn't flown for several years due to all the check points and hassle of travel. This time I was ready. I packed lightly. Don, my husband made all the arrangements. Renting a car, and getting tickets from Eugene to Orange County for Thurs. My friend lives in my old neighborhood in Villa Park, (Orange County) CA. Otherwise I would have gone to the San Diego airport.

Friday we left Villa Park with wonderful maps in hand that Carol's husband (Clark) had worked out with AAA.

At 12:00 noon, we drove into the parking lot of the Hacienda de Las Rosas, in Ramona (www.sdwinery.com) Tammy and William Holzhaeur were setting up the signs and getting ready for the tour of their winery and Peruvian Ranch. They had a golf cart and drove us up to the ranch where we met the artist Nikki Grote (www.scratchandsniffanimals.com). We were served wine and cheese and then we walked around watching the horses and learning the history of the Peruvian horse from Joline Bliss.


From there we drove to Temecula and stayed at the Ramada Inn. Saturday was a busy day. Our first tour was at 9am at Paseo del Traza. Just a gorgeous place with a large arena. Janic Arllentar rode several of the horses, while we sipped on Mimosa and snacked on wonderful snacks.

Then it was off to Jorge Valenzuela Training Center in Hemet (www.jvtc.net) . They had Peruvian food, drill team, live music, Peruvian dancers and of course beautiful horses.


I am sorry to say, we had to miss the Sunday open house. It was at Hacienda Sosegado in Hemet. (www.haciendasosegado.com)

Debbie Pye has set up a face book page for the ranch tour. (https://www.facebook.com/debbie.pye.12?ref=tn_tnmn)

Everyone was so nice. I met several women who had learned of this tour at the promotion booth that the Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club set up at one of the shows. Promotion booths do work. They are a lot of work, but are indeed worth while.

I wish to thank the Los Amigos club for all their hard work for this tour, everyone went out of their way to promote our wonderful breed.

My husband made a slide show of the ranches that can be seen here: (https://vimeo.com/65307528)



Doris Loeffler,

May We Always Have,



March 23, 2013
Albany, Oregon

Equine Expo


Sept. 14, 2012
Roundup Parade


See the Peruvian horses in this video


We had 15 in the parade. Yahoo, the crowd loved us. Then we went to Omohundro’s and rode and visited and rode and ate and rode, did I mention we got a lot of riding in. We had so much fun riding his trails we even went out again Mon morning for our last ride. We were planning to leave for home on Sunday. Does that tell you how much fun we had. Peruvian Pasos are definitely FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Juanita Omohundro makes the best fried chicken I have ever tasted!!!! And to top it off Ray Omohundro led us on a trail ride that was filled with terrific views and lots of stories, it was his 79th birthday.

By Nancy C.

March 23-25, 2012
Peruvians at the Northwest Horse & Expo Show
Albany, OR

The Northwest Club decided to go to the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo. We had a promotional booth next to the Peruvian Horse stalls.

Through snow, high winds, wild rains, downed trees and electrical outages, in the Northwest, the North West Peruvian Horse Club managed to get riders, horses, and supplies from all over WA and OR to the Albany, OR Fair Grounds.

We arrived on Thursday, March 22nd to set up and get the horses settled in. It was great seeing everyone again and it was exciting to know that a new horse season had begun.

On Friday the weather was really stormy, but that didn't stop the horse folks from arriving to watch John Lyons, Mounted Archery, cattle penning demo. drill teams, cow dog demo, Calvary demo, The battle of the breeds, plus the exhibit halls with everything western. By Saturday and Sunday the weather had turned sunny and dry, making sure the parking lot was full.

The crowds milled around. It was wonderful to see how warm and friendly everyone was. Many stopped by to get information about our breed. Many picked up information on the Peruvian breed, membership forms, and our new NorthWest Peruvian Club Brochures. So many folks asked about the show saddle and tack, asking about the history and about the gaits. It was wonderful.

Our riders and horses did a fabulous job doing the barrida and showing off the smooth ride of the Peruvian with the champagne demo. The crowds were very enthusiastic. It was a VERY successful event and made all of us proud of our fabulous horses.

Justine Easlon on Chromatica CR
Glen Cox on LaMejor CR, AKA Bella
Nancy Cox on RSTD Santiago
Anne Eades on JSL Pachacamac aka Pacha
Marissa Ditunno on Diamante Del Monte MPR
Patti Dybdahl on TMR Apolo
Naomi Keon on Reencarnida CKR aka Nida
Allason Fewx on Maya de la Noche

Irene Taylor and Doris Loeffler manned the promotional booth.

To see pictures and video click on following;



Doris Loeffler
May We Always Have,

Sep 16-18th 2011
Pendleton Parade and Trail Ride

This is from Nancy RE: The NorthWest Peruvian Horse Club weekend.

We went to Pendleton to do the Westward Ho Parade, there were 7 Peruvians that were in the parade, 652 horses in all, no motorized vehicles. The crowd loved us. The horses loved the crowd and showed off their wonderful gait. Afterwards we attended the rodeo, the next day took a tour of the underground, then packed up and went to a facility on the state line and headed to a private ranch on the top of the mountain range. We were treated to sangria, cheese and crackers and then 11 of us ventured into the timber for a 2 hour ride….spectacular views. Then back down to the facility, nice stalls for the horses, took showers and headed to the winery for a catered Peruvian/Puerto Rican dinner. The next morning we saddled up and got to ride with Lynn Omohundro. He is a very good teacher. Helping each one individually ride better. Making plans to go back next year!!!

Getting ready for the parade

At last - The Parade - Don't we look good?

On the trail


Dec 11, 2010

PeruvianPasoFun Christmas Party



PeruvianPasoFun Christmas Party 2010 from TreeTops Ranch


Oct 29th,  2010
Ride at TreeTops Ranch with Linda


Recent ride with Linda and her two horses, Murphy and the baby, Taco
At TreeTops Ranch

Sept. 4, and 5, 2010
Peruvians at the State Fair
Salem, OR

Peruvians at the Fair

It was a nice weekend for the show. Good weather and a lot of people coming in to see all the horses and asking questions.

The horses looked great. We are happy to report that Lyn and her Peruvian, 'Humo' received 3rd place in Gelding Performance.

August 28, 2010
Willamette Mission Ride

Willamette Mission Horse Ride


We woke up 5:30am to get the horses fed and get the trailer packed with tack, water, hay, medicine box, grooming box, etc.

After we ate and fixed my lunch. Don and I put Daytona and TTR Shalimar into the rig. Leaving Replica behind. I thought that she wouldn't mind being left behind as much as the others.

Off we went to meet Linda and Bob at the Sears parking. Mavis and her friends were about 20 min. behind us as they were coming from Reedsport.

We found Dianna already at the truck stop at the Brownsville turnoff. As soon as Mavis and Sue arrived, we caravanned to the Willamette Mission State Park. Irene and three other rigs were waiting for us.

It was about 65 degrees with clouds, so the weather was perfect. The park is a flat park with some river rocks in certain areas. They grow all kinds of produce from hops, to corn. We rode passed a beautiful lagoon, saw canoes  off in the distance and osprey in their nets.

During the ride, we all came upon an field being watered by overhead sprinklers. With little Shalimar being so afraid of water, I thought I would be the only one to have problems getting my horse through the dreaded mud puddle and the slush of water and grass. Sue helped me through the mud puddle once and then Shalimar and I went back and forth a couple of times. I looked back and found about 5 of the gals all backed up at the mud puddle (and here I thought I would be the only one with problems at this spot). Shalimar and I with the ones up front of the pack, breezed through the overhead sprinklers, shower and puddles. The rest of the ride was very dry and dusty.

The ride was about 2 1/2 hrs. After we watered and fed the horses, we all sat down to eat except for Bob, who fixed a flat tire on a ladies rig that had a fjord horse in it. We thank you Bob for being such a gentlemen.

When I got home, I found out that Replica had decided to break through the fence to go looking for her little herd. She and Don played games as Don tried to catch her, but to no avail. Don finally gave up and (of course) Replica came right up to him and stayed around Don the rest of the day waiting for us to return.

Doris Loeffler
May We Always Have,

July 30, 31 & Aug 1, 2010

The Northwest Peruvian Regional Championship Show

Monroe, WA

Northwest Peruvian Championship Show - 2010



Irene Taylor (Show Steward), called me to see if I could go up with her to help out at the show.
It had been awhile since I have helped out in the show office, and yet it was like old hat. It was fabulous seeing so many familiar faces. The first thing that happened was that our President, Dennis welcomed everyone to the show and introduced everyone that was helping out, and all the officials, including the honorable Judge, Sr. Amador Carrera.

We also had a great trail competition that was judged by Mr. Will Pitt.

The office was run by Carol who was always on the computer, making sure everything was recorded. We had 75 horses and 62 exhibitors, many coming from Canada.

The show started off with the presenting of the flags of America, Peru and Canada and this time a riderless horse, in memory of one of our club founders, Jackie MacNeill, former owner of Peruvian Classified and owner of MJM Ranch, OR. We will miss you, Jackie.

Our BBQ was so tasty and the auction was so much fun.

Consul, Miguel Velasquez of The Peruvian Consulate from Seattle came to the show and helped present the ribbons. He and his entourage have assured us that they will be back next year. They were so happy to see how we kept all the traditions of Peru and the Peruvian horse.

Doris Loeffler,
May We Always Have,


July 18, 2010

Elijah Bristow Ride

Elijah Bristow river scene

What a fabulous ride we had! The weather was perfect. with sun and cool breezes. We had 6 riders. Don and I and Irene and Don and Suzanne and their friend Becky. We rode about 1 1/2 hrs. We didn't see any turtles, but lots of water lilies, some with yellow blooms. It seemed to me we had more ferns on the forest floor. An old dead tree had fallen across one of our paths. It had this large old vine wrapped around it. At first the horses really didn't want to go over it, but as each horse stepped over, the next horse became more brave.

We must have had at least 7 walkers all with dogs here and there on our paths. One even had a puppy, all on leashes. Not one of the dogs barked. The horses did great.

Several people were fishing. The river seemed to be a little high and fast. The park hasn't been mowed, so we had blackberries reach out and try to grab the horses.

We decided to go through the river crossing. Don and Irene went first to try to convince Shalimar that she won't drown in a foot of water. I had a struggle with her, but finally convinced her to cross. We had a bumpy crossing as she was fearful. The saddle slipped to the side, my foot came out of the stirrup, but I hug on and we all got across, safely.

When we got back to the rigs, we were all ready for our packed lunches. Becky had 6 molasses bars, one for each of us. What a treat.

2010 Summer Spectacular
All Gaited Show
June 2010

Albany, OR

Photos HERE

PeruvianPasoFun wishes to thank all the Peruvian riders that took time, and drove long distances to come and be a part of this show.

We had 13 Peruvian Horses and 17 riders. We also wish to congratulate Kristen Damazio for winning Peruvian High Points award, donated by PeruvianPasoFun.   

May 16, 2010

OET Poker Ride

Ellijah Bristow Park

In spite of our extra rain this spring, this day turned out to be very mild weather, and then warming up in the afternoon. As we arrived in the morning at 8am, Bob and Linda arrived. Bob and Don set up the signs and cones getting the parking lot ready to direct traffic. Linda and I pulled the horses out of the trailers and started greeting the OET troops that had volunteered to help. Rigs started pulling into the parking lot ahead of 9am. Soon Irene and Paula arrived. Everyone started saddling up and the Poker ride was on. Hee Haw! Loved seeing so many beautiful horses, and listening to the mules braying! None of the horses seemed to mind. So many men showed up all dressed up like cowboys! What a great sight! It was fabulous seeing all the commotion and excitement.

click HERE to see video   

April 25, 2010

Ride at Mildred Kanipe Park


The weather was perfect as we had around 65 degree morning. We did have some wet areas so we stayed in the meadows. Our ride at MK was fabulous. Lyn met me at the Cottage Grove truck stop and she followed me down and met Mavis and two of her friends. Later we met two other gals, then lost them almost as soon almost as soon as we met them. After our ride we went to Tolly's for a good lunch. Lyn took these pictures.

See the slide show HERE

April 16-18, 2010

OHC Trial Clinic

Nancy and her Peruvian, Bella


see video here

March 6, 2010
ride at EB

Dec 12, 2009
Oakland, OR

Tollys Restaurant


PeruvianPasoFun annual Christmas Party


PeruvianPasoFun Christmas Party from TreeTops Ranch on Vimeo.

PeruvianPasoFun group ride at Elijah Bristow

Oct. 25, 2009

Click on photos for a larger view



First row Left picture Don on Daytona, Mavis on her new boy, Vinny. Center picture- the three amigos,

Don on Daytona, Doris on TTR Shalimar and Irene on Replica. Right top Linda on Murphy, Lyn on Humo, Doris on TTR Shalimar, Mavis on Vinny. Lower left Linda on Murphy, Lyn on Humo, Doris on TTR Shalimar and Mavis on Vinny.

Center Lyn on Humo, Mavis on Vinny and last picture - Irene on Replica, Linda on Murphy, Doris on TTR Shalimar, Don on Daytona and Lyn on Humo.     

Oct. 16th - 18th 2009
Oregon Horse Center
Eugene, OR

Trail Course Clinic

For several years now, OHC has had these wonderful clinics for trail folks, to help get your horses through water, over bridges, rocks, through trees, down into narrow passages, etc., including, cows!

This was the year to take TTR Shalimar. I am so glad I did. It was fun seeing so many of my friends and riders. We had three Peruvians at this clinic. Nancy with her Peruvian Bella and her Arab Zippo, Lyn on her Peruvian, Humo and myself on TTR Shalimar.

Then friends Suzanne rode her Paso Fino, Echo, Justine on her Palomino Walker, Dillon and Alice on her Quarter Horse.


Mavis, Dianna and Don, some of our other riders, joined us out in the stands to watch and encourage us on. 

Watch the Video



Sept 25-27th. 2009
Gina Gardner All Gaited Clinic


Horse Clinic - Sep 2009

Don and I started working on the trailer on Thurs. getting all the tack and feed for Shalimar into the Horse Trailer.

Friday we fed the horses and put them out on the pasture for a few hours before I had to put Shalimar in. I even had time to bring the horses in for lunch, and grain, and a rest. Then the fun began. Before the horses knew what hit them, Shalimar was in the trailer and I was heading down the road.

I pulled into Gina's place. We transferred all my stuff into her trailer and then we got her Champion of Champion Missouri Fox Trotter, "Chocolat" put him into her trailer and transferred TTR Shalimar into the trailer.

The trip was 3 1/2 hrs. from Creswell to Gold Hill (Grants Pass area). It was great arriving safely at Bob and Laurie's beautiful ranch. They had the stalls all ready for our "kiddies"

The next morning everyone started arriving. Horses, people and rigs, all over the place. Some had come to observe only. There were three Peruvian Horses and riders and two gals that were observers that had Peruvians at home. We even had folks from CA. Of course, Bob and Laurie also have Peruvians. They didn't have time to bring their horses in as they were busy making sure all our needs were met.

It was hot, 90+ degrees. So I was melting half the time. Shalimar loved going over all the boards and around the cones. The mailbox was fine as long as we opened it on her left side, so I worked her on her right side. It was all very interesting to Shalimar. So many different horses and things to do.

We arrived at Gina's home around 8pm on Sunday. Then we transferred my stuff back over to my rig and off I went into the night. Two very tired, but happy horse and rider.

We wish to thank Bob and Laurie for being the perfect host and hostess and Gina for a very enjoyable and learning experience.

Sept. 20, 2009
Winchester Bay Pot Luck and Ride

Beach Ride at Winchester Bay, Oregon

As I was feeding the horses at 5:30am I noticed we were getting some fog.

By 7am as I was leaving to meet everyone at the truck stop to caravan down to Wincher Bay, we still had it.

Don and Sue were already there when I arrived. Then Bob and Linda and shortly after that Lynn arrived. Four rigs headed down the road. The fog was light and in spots, so it wasn't bad.

By the time we met up with Gay and Mavis in Scottsburg the fog had lifted and the rest of the day the weather was perfect.

Peruvianpasofun wishes to thank Mavis for hosting such a fabulous day. We met a lot of Mavis' friends from her area. Dianna and Grinnell and Sue also joined us at the house for a fabulous pot luck meal, after the ride.


Sept. 9-16, 2009

Steens Mountain Trip



Last Wed. Sue and I drove to Barb and Brian Gaskell's about 20 miles East of Burns. Thursday we drove to the South Steens Equestrian camping area.

We did 64 miles in 4 days. Took lots of photos. No actual horse wrecks, except Padre went down in a mud bog -- I got major whiplash as he lunged to right himself and then we had to go up a very steep grade before we could stop.
AND, on this same day ride coming down a steep series of rock and trail, Sue yelled, "Dianna get off" -- Me and the saddle were way up on Padre's neck. I got him stopped, but the trail was so narrow, I had a hell of a time getting him turned sideways, so I could get off. But I did. So I un-cinched, got the saddle back in position, walked him between a couple of boulders -- told him stand -- then realized he had a back foot in the air -- no place to put it. So moved him up a bit more, I stood on a rock, put my foot in the stirrup -- oops, saddle not tight enough, I managed to get my foot out -- and disappeared from sight, off the side of the cliff, nothing holding me there but some brush. Padre stood absolutely still, I grabbed the breast collar and pulled myself back up.

That day (Sunday) just wasn't through with me. I was sleeping in my horse trailer -- well, trying to sleep I was having trouble trying to settle my neck into a position that would allow sleep. About 2am I heard "dink-dink-dink" I thought "oh must be squirrels dropping nuts on top of the trailer." then more dinkdinkdink---dinkdinkdinkdink. DARN, it is raining and my saddle was outside. So I went out, figured I had ONE shot at heaving it into the tack room -- and by golly == did it. I had my little light so I'm walking around the camp to see what else was out in the rain (what the heck, I wasn't sleeping, anyway) There was Sue's saddle. So I covered it and went back to bed. I'm lying there where I feel "drip" I thought naw, that wasn't really a drip. Well, turns out it was -- all 3 trailer vents were open. So I got up, stood on my very tip toes, and managed to close them.

Sue and I got home about 8:30 Tuesday evening. Drove straight home from the Steens. Well, almost straight home. The fuel filter on my truck went kaput about 20 miles outside of Burns. We limped in to a GMC dealership. First off the manager said it would be at least an hour before they could get the truck in the bay -- then he came out and said he'd put a man right on it -- so we actually got out in about an hour. It was 82 degrees, so hot for the dogs and horses. We got the horses out and walked them a bit and gave them water, before starting off again.


Aug 29, 2009
Willamette Mission State Park


(Watch the video below)


Our ride at the Willamette Mission - North of Salem, Oregon

This beautiful park is on the National Register of Historic Places.
The park is the site of the former Willamette Mission, established in 1834 by reverend Jason Lee, who traveled overland from the eastern U.S. to teach the Native Americans in the Oregon Country.

The alarm went off and I looked out the window. It looked like we might be driving in fog. Hopefully it will burn off today. Besides the weather is different in other nearby areas. We might have fog or rain, and no one else does.

As usual the horses were ready to eat. I could get up at 1am to feed them and they would be ready to eat.

Don and I rushed around to get our last minute things ready, when I got a call from Irene. "Weather seems like it will be good in Salem". Yea

We get on the road right on time and meet up at the Brownsville exit with Barb and Shari and Mike. They decided to go ahead to the State park so Don and I proceed to pick up Irene across from The Encanted Forest. We get to the park shortly after the others and start to saddle up. Cindy arrived shortly thereafter.

The weather proved to be perfect. Sunny in the high 70's. We stayed in the shade most of the ride. We saw so many different things. Corn, alfalfa and hops on high wires, being grown. We rode for 6 miles. Put out the hay bags and water for the horses and sat down under the walnut trees for our sack lunches.

It is a beautiful park with only one area that had round rocks for erosion control.

Willamette Mission Trail Ride - Oregon from TreeTops Ranch on Vimeo.

Aug. 22nd, 2009
TreeTops Ranch ride

Photos HERE

The morning proved to be perfect weather for our ride.

We saddled all three horses before everyone arrived as Bob had agreed to ride Replica for us. That way, I didn't have to leave a horse behind.

Gina arrived first and then Shane and shortly after that Linda and Bob arrived.

We rode the horses down and through Grandpa's Park, then back up behind the stable. As we were riding towards the stable, someone said we had a flock of turkeys walking ahead of us. We went towards the big tree and then through the paths up around the pond. Just as we were leaving the trees behind us, the turkeys decided to scatter and fly up into the trees. All of the horses handled it great. Even Shalimar, did alright. At first she thought she should be scared, but realized that none of the other horses paid attention to the turkeys, so she too calmed down.

Then we rode up onto Weyerhaeuser property. Once our ride was over, we let the horses graze and went up to the house for a leisurely lunch.

Aug. 15, 2009

I got up at 6:30am and fed the horses and made sure we had everything in the Trailer ready to go as soon as Irene arrived. Our drive was 2 hrs. We met Mavis and Gay in Scottsburg and continued on to Winchester Bay. What a beautiful day. When we arrived, people were riding everyplace on their dune buggies. The camping sites looked full.


Our parking lot had a lot of trucks and cars. We saddled up for a 2 plus hr. ride on the beach. The sky was beautiful, birds were skimming across the water and we came across a seal laying on the beach. When we came back he was gone. After the ride we parked at the Pier and had fish and chips, then off to Mavis' for dessert. What a great day.

Mavis on Left front, me left by window Irene across from me and Gay front right.




Irene on Daytona front and Mavis Whisper back


Aug. 8, 2009


What a great morning  to go on a ride at Elijah Bristow. I arrived at 9:30, thinking I would be first, Shane was already there. Then Linda and Bob and Lyn arrived. Once saddled up, Bob helped some of us get on our horses, and off we went. We met horses and riders and a few walkers, other than that, we had the park to ourselves. The water was way down and we crossed the stream and later went over to the meadows.  All of us brought our sack lunches, so after we unsaddled, watered and fed the horses, we had a good time, eating and talking. 

Lynn and Humo


Linda on Murphy and Shane on Doc


Shane, Linda, Murphy and Bob

June 27, 2009

I just want to thank those that were able to make it out to TreeTops Ranch for our pot luck and ride, we missed those that couldn't make it. Don said we rode for two hours. We stated that riders could ride after lunch. The weather was perfect and so was the meal and fellowship. The ghost car stayed hidden this year, hopefully, we will see it next year.


June 12-14,2009

2009 Summer Spectacular Spectacular
All Gaited Show

I finally did it. I took TTR Shalimar, my 5 yr. old filly to the show. After many hours of planning what to
take and packing up, Friday, Don and I arrived at the Linn County Fair grounds by 11:30am. We found
Marrisa Ditunno and Ricardo Barraza had already set up their stalls and tackroom.

As I was working on setting up, Maxine and David Whitbeck arrived. Then Lyn Ryse came with Humo.

Then Dr. Curry with Kathryn Zahlis, Jamie Aquirre, and two young ladies, Madeline and Emily.

Allason Fewx arrived with her mother. On Saturday, Irene Taylor arrived to help me tack up. Thank you Irene!

PeruvianPasoFun wishes to thank all of the Peruvian riders that showed up to make this a fun weekend. They did a fabulous job.


Thanks also goes to Maxine Whitbeck who contributed pictures and Kelly Raham contributed the Barrida

at youtube.

Marrisa Ditunno won Peruvian High Points award donated by PeruvainPasoFun.

You can see the Barrida at

Show pictures at

More show photos at Dr. Curry's website here:

June 1-6, 2009
Peruvian Fun Members Visit Sunrise Valley, Oregon

See the photos here

May 31, 2009
Midred Knipes day ride with Bob and Laurie

We had a fun time. Great weather.

A beautiful day for a Mother's Day ride at Elijah Bristow Horse Park
May 10, 2009


There is a Blue Heron in the center of the photo. Can you find it?

German Baca Clinic Ap. 25th and 26th, 2009
German on TTR Shalimar
Lyn on Humo with German
We wish to thank Rich and Mary for being such great hosts

Dec. 5, 2008

Christmas Party

Tolly's Restaurant, Oakland, OR

Christmas Lunch


Mountain Trail Clinics

Oregon Horse Center, Eugene
Oct 17-19th, 2008


These classes are designed for Trail riders and those that want to compete in future trail competitions.  Each group had leading trainers to help calm their horses and to show the riders how to get their horses through the various obstacle courses. All these obstacles are designed to relate to what a horse and rider could and will be meeting on any given trail ride.


Oct 11, 2008
Yasmin Treki
Fundraiser Poker Ride
Mildred Kanipe Memorial Horse Park, Oakland, Oregon

BBQ & Band at 1pm
Ride for a great cause to remember a wonderful young lady
Proceeds support Ronald McDonald House and Yasmin Treki Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ribbons to all participants!
Awards for Poker hands!


This will be our last ride at Mildred Kanipe due to the park closing for winter. I sent out the message and Mavis, Gay and Linda could make this ride.  Don and I got up at 6:30 am to feed the horses and get breakfast for ourselves. It was 32 degrees when we got up. I called Linda to make sure she was coming. Bob was coming with her. We met Bob and Linda at the Cottage Grove truck stop and caravanned down to Oakland. Lots of people where already at the park at 10am, when we pulled in. Mavis and Gay and Mavis' dog, Starry pulled in right after us. By then it was 45 degrees. Everyone went over to sign in at the desk, got our poker slip and went back to saddle up. Once everyone was ready, we headed down the road to follow the pink ribbons attached to the trees. It was a dry day as it hadn't rained in two days. As we headed out, we met up with a nice fellow named Pat. He rode with us the rest of the ride. Our path took us through dry meadows and into the trees. Then into the fern grotto, back up into the hills and back down to the meadows. This time, we came upon white cows. None of the horses spooked. After about a 2 hr. ride we arrived back to the trailers and the last poker hand station. It seemed none of us really had a good enough hand to stay for the give always.     We found out that the BBQ and Band was in the people area and since we couldn't take the horses with us, we decided to go to our favorite restaurant  - Tolly's.  the day finally warmed up to 56 degrees and it was a very pleasant day.              

See the VIDEO of our ride


September 7, 2008
Mildred Kanipes

PeruvianPasoFun riders attended this event
Bob, Laurie, Don, Doris and Guest Connie had a great time 

Oregon Dressage Poker Ride


The complete slide show video is here.

Much thanks to Bob James for a great job on the video

Aug. 30-31st. 2008

 Peruvians at the State Fair
Linn County Fairgrounds,Albany, OR

Story and Photos

Jun 29, 2008

Pot Luck and Ride at TreeTops Ranch

This is a PeruvianPasoFun Members ride

Photos and Story

Broadband viewers can watch the VIDEO

June 13 - 15 2008


Albany Fair Grounds.


Friday everyone started showing up to settle the horses into their stalls and the riders at their campsites and motel rooms. Walkers, Paso Finos. Mountain Horses, and of course our Peruvian horses. How exciting! The weather was perfect, staying in the 70’s all the time. The show got started at 6pm and lasted till around 11:30 that night.

Saturday, was all day. Aficionados arrived off and on all day. Tim Hooker, Connie’s brother with a friend to watch the show and hear the tribute to Connie. Maxine’s friends Charlotte and her friends, Jack and his family, Joyce and Jim Hart and of course, Don came and took pictures and video.

We had 11 Peruvian riders. Three of them Jr’s.

The Barrida was lead by Marissa, everyone in the audience enjoyed watching and clapping hands.

Congratulations to Dr. Henry Curry and his horse, La Valentina who won 5 classes and the Peruvian Championship, receiving the huge Texas size salad bowl donated by PeruvianPasoFun.

Sunday afternoon had a lot of fun classes, open to all, such as Costume Class, Simon Says, Egg Stomp, etc.

We wish to thank all those that donated to NAPHA to get the Peruvians points, the riders for showing up and the Aficionados. We know with the gas prices the way they are, everyone is beginning to cut back on there choices of activities they are getting involved in.

We also wish to thank the Tennessee Walkers for opening up their show once again to an all gaited show and inviting us to play with them at this FUN EVENT.

Doris Loeffler
May We Always Have,

June 1-5 2008


May 31st we all spent packing, and getting the dogs to friends and kennels. None of us slept much that night with the excitement of our drive and plans on riding the range at Sunrise Valley Ranch.

Don and I got up around 5am, fed the horses and then ate our breakfast and got our last minute things done. At 6am I started making the calls to be sure everyone was up. Sure enough, everyone was up, some already on the road.

Irene arrived around 7:30am from Salem. We her put all her stuff in our truck and put wraps on the horses’ legs and into the trailer. We then met Mavis from Scottsburg, at the Vintage Inn, Cottage Grove. Irene switched trucks and off we went to the Sears parking in Springfield lot to meet others. Marsha and Bob, and Linda and her Bob. Linda’s horse, Murphy and Linda’s backpack were transferred to Mavis’ truck and trailer. Since Bob and Marsha knew where we were going, they led the way. We stopped at Sisters to fill up with diesel and had lunch, giving the horses a break.

It took us about 4 ½ hrs. to drive to the ranch, just like Susan (the owner had said). When we arrived, Maureen, from John Day had already arrived. We put all eight horses into their wonderful outside paddocks, fed them and went up to the bunkhouse to settle in for our new adventure.

Our hosts, Susan and Larry and their two adult children Matt and Becky’s two wonderful children, Wyatt and Jayden, were all there to great us with open arms. Each day Becky cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 8 of us. After breakfast, we would ride out on scenic wonderful rides, take long walks, or beautiful drives.

We played backgammon, Mexican train, or card games. We brought magazines to read and the second night we heard old time poetry from Pierri Jones.

The food was outstanding, the hospitality was absolutely the best. Do we want to do it again? YOU BET AND WE WILL!

We wish to thank the Fildes family for giving all of us such an outstanding time. How many of us can say that we brought our own horses to ride and had a wonderful bunkhouse to sleep in and great food and terrific friends to share it all with?

Photo by Maureen



Apr 12, 2008
Peruvian Paso Fun Group and the Grants Pass Group
Mildred Knipes Horse Park, Oakland OR
Lunch at Tollys in Oakland after the ride

It was a long time planning and two groups of equine enthusiast were involved. Bob and Laurie and their “all gaited ridding group” from Grants Pass and the PeruvianPasofun group.

Irene and Cris came down the evening before and stayed at TreeTops to make it easier to get down to Mildred Kanipes in time to ride out at 10:30 am.

We hit the road with the horses and tack all tucked away in their trailer at 9am. I started calling riders to make sure everyone was on their way. Mavis and Gay arrived early. Dianna and Sue used map search and were still searching the back hills. So we got them back on track. Thank the Lord for cell phones. We arrived in Oakland just as the Grants Pass Gang pulled in. Within 5 min. Dianna and Sue arrived. So off we went. A caravan of 6 or 7 rigs.

The weather was one of those dreamy kinds of days. Clear and sunny, and 84 degrees. Hard to believe just a few days before hand we had rain and in the 50’s. We were the only ones in the park when we started our ride.

We had about 16 riders. Peruvians, Walkers, Paso Finos and mixes.

For some reason, we seemed to split off into three groups, then all one group and then three again. The pastures were greener then I had ever seen them. We did have some slippery areas and one horse slipped down on its butt, he got up and was fine. We went through a lot of forest with trees down from this winter. Then came across cows. All the horses did very well. Barbara and Laurie took wonderful pictures.

After an 8 mile ride, Don and I decided we had to get back so we could have lunch and be at the Luau in time at my mother’s place. Irene and Cris had to get back to Salem and Marilyn wanted to ride to the rigs with us.

As we were putting the horses back Mavis and her group arrived. Yes they too wanted to go to Tolly’s. Just as we pulled out of the park, Bob and Laurie’s group arrived. So 14 of us met at Tolly’s for a fabulous lunch, loads of talking and laughing. I am sure we sent the other diners out of their sooner then they had planned.

It was so nice meeting the Grants Pass group. We all had such a wonderful time, we plan on getting together again this summer.


Photo Show HERE
(Photos by Barbara and Laurie. Show produced by Bob)
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WOW! What a show, you don't want to miss this!

Dec 20, 2007

The word went out! Christmas Lunch at Tolly's.  Carol and Dick and Marsha and Bob met us in Cottage Grove and then we drove down to Oakland. It wasn't long before Laurie and Bob from Grants Pass joined us. We all admired the beautiful Christmas Decorations at Tolly's and then it was time for talk, talk, talk and eat, eat, eat. 

Nov. 3, 2007

NW Peruvian Club Meeting.

I drove up to Salem to meet Irene and then she drove the rest of the way to Shelton, WA to the Little Creek Casino for the annual meeting of the Northwest Peruvian Club meeting. It was great seeing everyone.

To see pictures click HERE 

Nov. 9-11, 2007

Annual NW Mountain Trail Championship
Majors Arena, Eugene, OR

Horses and riders came from CA and WA to this event. It made it hard to find a parking spot. Majors has remolded and enlarged the eating and dining area.  The food was great.  We had  lots of vendors to see. People and dogs were milling around. The trails were well designed and realistic for trail horses to go through. They had a huge Teepee, the horses had to ride around and a large waterfall that they had to walk under. One poor gal had her horse walk right through the waterfall without blinking an eye. Of course, both rider and horse got drenched.

Suzanne and Eco coming down from the Teepee and through the water .

photo by Don Buechler 

Monday Oct. 22, 2007
PeruvianPasoFun Club Ride

At last, the rains finally decided to stop. The weatherman said from Monday - Friday no rain. This was our chance to make the mad dash to Ellijah Bristow Park for a ride. I sent out the word, Ellijah or Bust! As we drove up, we saw Mavis talking to Marsha and Bob. It wasn’t much longer before Dianna and Grinnell drove in. The sun was warm, the ground dry. Don and I saddled up and 7 of us took off. No one else was at the Horse parking lot. Too bad, they missed all our beautiful Peruvians doing the Paso Lano, through out the park, over bridges, past bubbling rivers, dry rivers, and through the golden leaves of autumn. What a perfect day. We split up in two groups. One going to the dam, the other group riding the forest and meadows.

When we all returned to our rigs and unsaddled our horses, it was decided we should go to the GateHouse Pizza in Pleasant Hills for our finale. As usual, we hated the day to end.

May We Always Have


Oct 7th, 2007
OET Day Ride

Mildred Kanipe Memorial Ranch, Oakland, OR

Do we go or not? That was the question, after so many nights of rain. Then it stopped raining. Of course, then we worried about slippery grounds. One thing about our area, give a few days & nights of no rain, the ground dries up. Sunday at 6am all looked good.  We met Linda and Bob and Suzanne and Don at our usual stop and took off. What a surprise to see that the sheriff posse were having a Poker ride. There must have been 40 plus rigs and horses and people all over. Met Mavis and Gay at the park, they went on the poker ride and the rest of us went on a slower pace ride. The weather was beautiful, in fact most of us were in our short sleeve shirts. The ground was dry in most areas. A perfect day for a ride. When our ride was over, we all went over to Tolly's in old town Oakland, for lunch. What a great day we had.

Click on photos to get a bigger picture.  Photos by Bob LaVelle  

Gay, Mavis on Thunder
Standing: Don and Doris

Linda on Murphy
Suzanne & Don 

Don & Don &

Sept, 11, 2007
PerucianPasoFun group luncheon

A great time was had by all.
Mavis (up front) to the left of her Dick, Connie, Marsha & Bob, Roseanna, Carol, Doris, Don and Linda.

We wish to welcome Marsha and Bob and Linda and Patrick to our group.